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About the Vermont Farm & Food Trail
Emmett & Lini at West River Farmers Market As industrial agriculture continues to create an unbalanced US farm economy for small farmers, conscious consumers, like you, are recognizing the necessity of a shift to a local food system.

By supporting farms that sell through local direct markets, you are helping to foster land preservation, a healthy food system and environmentally conscious practices to feed and nurture our communities and ecosystem.

When you buy directly from a Vermont Trail member farmer, we receive 100% of the food dollar. Direct person to person sales insure freshness, provide a larger profit margin for the small farmer, and most importantly, feed the local economy. From both a local and global ecological perspective, the Vermont Farm and Food Trail is paramount in its role as a conservationist collective.

Vermont's family farms are an essential sustainable form of industry that is non-invasive to areas of open space and natural habitat. Similarly, farmers' markets are an industry that promotes good uses on good land. Think globally, act locally and support local agriculture and artisans: shop at your local farm stand and farmers market weekly! VT Farm and Food Trail

See you on the trail...
-Emmett Dunbar & Lini Mazumdar
Founders of VT Farm & Food Trail